Reopening of the pediatric intensive care unit

06.11.2023 -

On November 1, 2023, the children's intensive care unit at Magdeburg University Children's Hospital was put back into operation under new management.

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Restructuring of the pediatric intensive care unit

17.02.2023 -

Magdeburg University Medical Center is temporarily closing its pediatric intensive care unit in light of the lack of available specialists. The neonatal and premature infant intensive care unit is not affected by the closure.

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New targets for the development of improved immunotherapies against childhood leukemias

14.02.2023 -

Scientists at Magdeburg University Medical Center are gaining important insights for the development of new immunotherapies for the treatment of acute leukemias, the most common childhood cancer.

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José Carreras GPOH doctoral fellowship awarded

09.02.2023 -

Elisa Felix from Magdeburg University Children's Hospital is one of six doctoral students who won the José Carreras GPOH doctoral fellowship worth 12,000 euros. Her research focuses on preclinical investigations of the efficacy of interleukin-7 receptor blockade in combination with inhibition of the CD47 immune checkpoint in acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL).

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TV report: Why women donate their breast milk

10.11.2022 -

You can find out why donating breast milk is so important and what options the breast milk bank at Magdeburg University Hospital offers in the TV report on MDR Sachsen-Anhalt heute.

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